Who We Are

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do It.

WRQG began as a long simmering idea, and in midsummer of 2021, four people gathered to discuss starting a guild.  We developed Guidelines, a purpose statement, a standing agenda, and sent the word out to area newspapers, radios, quilt shops, and contact lists. The inaugural meeting was held in September of 2021. 25 people joined at the first meeting, with more joining each month. It has been exciting and wonderful to greet, meet, and share the love of quilting and learning about quilting with so many!

Purpose: The Wild Rivers Quilt Guild is a group of quilters who wish to learn about, preserve, and encourage the art of quilt making; promote a gathering of like-minded folks in a fun and relaxed environment; provide education and instruction for guild members and visitors in the history, design, and techniques of quilt making.

Meetings include an educational presentation, Show ‘n Tell, and a brief business component. Presentations are often led by members, and include time for Q&A. 

Open Sews are held monthly, on the first Tuesday. Space is limited, and RSVPs are needed. See the Gatherings page for more information and RSVP.

Workshops, Guest Speakers, and a tri-annual Quilt Show are being planned. 

Community Service Projects are an important part of WRQG. Projects have included quilts for the Mission in Gaastra, for the Ukraine refugees, and fidget “quilts” for area nursing homes. If you have an idea for a charity project, please let Sheri G know. If you are already participating in service projects through other organizations or privately, that’s great, Thank you!

Stitch-a-longs: a great way to try out new patterns, colors, textures. Past projects include 18 Candles, Bats n Boos, Starburst, and Sparrows.  Lynda P.

Care Team: Melanie R, Cindy N. Contact to subscribe to the “We Care” email list. 

Photographer: Photos help tell the story of our vibrant and inspiring quilters! Wanted: someone who takes photos with their cell phone or digital camera, and can upload photos to Drive, and share on the WRQG Facebook group.  Really, it’s a Snap! See Lori.

Welcome Team: JoAnne F, Karen H

Newsletter Coordinator: Can you copy/paste? Do you have an eye for design? (trick question, all quilters do!).  You can do this! See Jackie L.

Program Team: Jackie L, Connie O, Sheri G, Lynda P, Deb J

Quilt Show Team: Cyndy N, Rose S, Chris V, Karen H, Jeannine R, Susan M, Jackie L

Quilter’s Sale Team: Teri S, Connie T, Ginny J

Leadership Team: Lori F, President; Karen H, Vice President; Lynda P, Secretary; Val L, Treasurer, Jackie L, Program Team Chair.

Facebook facilitator: Lynda P.

Webmaster: Lori F