Opportunities to gather, learn, quilt, and have fun!

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Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month, beginning at 5:30pm, wrapping up between 7:00 and 7:30 pm. The November-December Holiday celebration is held on the first Monday evening of December.

Open Sew is held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, from 9am – 3 pm.  Space is limited, and RSVPs are needed. Open Sew is a free event and is also open to non-members.  RSVP by noon the day prior to Open Sew, using the RSVP form below.  Questions? Use the RSVP form, or contact Jackie L.

Saturday Open Sew – 3rd Saturday of the month, 9-3, RSVP is needed – a minimum of 5 sewists is needed.  Fall 2024 dates are Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16. Questions? Contact Deb F or Lori F.

UFO Crafter’s group – 3rd Tuesday, 10-3. Bring your unfinished projected and “get r done!” No RSVP needed. Questions? Talk to JoAnne F.

Workshops will be announced at meetings, in the Newsletter and on the Calendar/Events page. Workshops fees are collected and paid to the presenter. Please pay by check at the meetings, or by mail: Wild Rivers Quilt Guild, c/o W8879 Lakeview Dr
Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

Bad Weather policy: when Florence Schools close, expect that all Guild programs will be cancelled. Check your email for cancellation updates.


You may RSVP for Open Sew, make a suggestion, or ask a question, using the form below.